NHG Pharmacy, a business unit of National Healthcare Group (NHG), manages the pharmacy services and retail pharmacies at all NHG Polyclinics.  We are also the leading provider of pharmacy services in the long-term care sector.  Our mission is to promote the safe, effective and responsible use of medication.

Our team of pharmacists provide clinical pharmacy services to help customers achieve the best results for their prescribed therapy by working with other members of the healthcare team.

Conveniently located in heartlands, our retail pharmacies offer an array of quality and affordable health care essentials.

We constantly innovate with an aim to make a difference in the care of customers, to add more years of health to their lives.

The NHG Family

With more than 17,000 staff, NHG provides care through an integrated network of polyclinics, hospitals, national specialty centres and business divisions.  The group consists of:

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