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    Accu-Fine Insulin Pen Needle 32G 4mm 100s

    brand: Accu-Fine
    • Accu-Fine insulin pen needle is an Accu-Chek product.
    • Each box consists of 100 sterile, single-use pen needles.
    • For use with pen injector devices for the subcutaneous injection of drugs. 
    • Available in 31G-5mm and 32G- 4mm. 
    • Designed for gentle injection and practical handling among insulin pen users.
    • The needle points of the pen needles come with 3 special features: 
      • 3-bevel needle point for gentle insertion under the skin
      • thin wall for rapid flow
      • special coating of needle surface for smooth gliding into the skin
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    Remove the seal from the pen needle. Push the pen needle straight on the pen injector device and twist until it is tight. Do not push the pen needle at an angle. Then remove the outer protective cap and set it aside. Do not discard. You will need it later to remove the pen needle from the pen injector device. Remove the inner protective cap by pulling it straight out to prevent bending of the needle and/or damaging the needle tip. Prime your pen injector device as per your pen’s instructions for use to prevent incorrect dosage caused by air in the cartridge or a clogged needle. If no drug  ow is seen after several attempts, attach a new pen needle. Set your drug dose. Make the injection as directed by your healthcare professional, do not bend the needle. Inject slowly. Do not withdraw needle immediately after injection. Do not change the direction of the pen needle while it remains in the body as this can result in bending or breaking of the needle. Replace the outer protective cap. Remove the pen needle from the pen injector device after each injection to prevent air from entering the cartridge and drug from leaking out.

    Cautionary Instructions
    Warning: Remove both the outer protective cap and the inner protective cap before an injection. If both the outer cap and the inner protective cap are not removed before use, the medication or dose may not be injected, which may result in serious injury or death.

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