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This Ask-a-Pharmacist section allows you to direct questions to a patient care pharmacist regarding your medications or any drug-related concerns or issues that may be of interest to you.

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If you need an advice immediately, please consult a Doctor or call our Pharmacist via our NHGP contact centre at 6355 3000 or NUP contact center at 6663 6847.

While we will strive to answer as many questions as possible, we would like to seek your understanding that we are unable to answer all questions posted or questions which are not related to medicines. Please include as much details as possible. Accurate and complete information will help our Pharmacist provide the appropriate advice.  Rest assured that all personal information provided will be kept confidential by NHG Pharmacy.

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Hi staff, my eyes is getting tired especially too long to use computers. My eyes sometimes itchy for no known reasons. No redness so far. No affected any vision. I am not wearing any specs. Would you recommend any eye drop for the above complaints.


Prolonged computer use may result in eye discomfort and vision problems such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes and headache. You may consider the use of lubricating eye drops to relieve or prevent dry eyes. You may click here for the eye drops available in NHG Pharmacy.

You may also wish to consider the tips covered in this article (click here) to reduce or prevent eyestrain

However, please be advised to consult a doctor for further assessment if your condition does not improve or worsen after trying out the above suggestions.

Can I order my clotrimazole and pessary for vagina to treat yeast infection? I went for prescription before and my next appointment is end May but i want to treat this the soonest.

Clotrimazole 100mg pessary is available in NHG Pharmacy. It is a pharmacy-only medicine and may be purchased without a prescription after a consultation with a pharmacist. Do note that online purchase and delivery is not available for this medicine.

Women's Health
Am I able to purchase an Ointment for Eczema/heat rash?

Heat rash is a common condition caused by hot, humid weather.

Signs and symptoms of heat rash include

-          Small red spots

-          Itchy, prickly feeling

-          Redness and mild swelling

Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red or cracked. Blisters may sometimes occur.

 Other signs and symptoms of eczema include

-          Dry skin

-          Itching

-          Thickened, cracked, scaly skin

You can try applying calamine lotion to relieve skin itch, or a moisturizer, such as aqueous cream to help with dry skin. These medications can be purchased over the counter.


If there is itching and inflammation, mild steroid creams can be used to reduce itch.


Oral antihistamine tablets can be taken to reduce the itch as well.


Both of these medications can be purchased at licensed retail pharmacies after consultation with a pharmacist.


To help prevent worsening of condition, you can

-          Wear loose cotton clothing

-          Use lightweight bedding

-          Take cool baths or showers.

-          Drink plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration

Do consult the doctor if the rashes worsen, cause pain, or is caused after taking a new medication or antibiotic.


Common Ailments
Do you have stock of Aspirin by Bayer 81mg

Aspirin 81mg by Bayer is not registered in Singapore. However, there are other brands of Aspirin 100mg available in NHG Pharmacy.


You may like to check with your doctor if you can take other available brands of aspirin.

Drug Information
Do you carry hydrocortisone creams for skin allergies?

Hydrocortisone is available in NHG Pharmacy.


It is classified as a Pharmacy-only medicine. It may be purchased at licensed retail pharmacies after consultation with a pharmacist.


Can I ask if I am able to get over the counter ibuprofen from polyclinic?

Thank you!

Ibuprofen is available for purchase over the counter from NHG Pharmacy branches.

Drug Information
Hello! I feel like mucus block on breathing or sore throat. It’s concern with smoking? Can you recommend me which medicine should I take.Thank you so much.

Smoking can damage the airways and the small air sacs known as alveoli found in your lungs.


Sore throat and mucus production are possible symptoms associated with smoking.


However, flu symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose are some of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19.


Given the current development of Covid-19 locally, people with flu symptoms need to be assessed by doctor during this period as shared by Ministry of Health (MOH).


Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor to discuss on appropriate treatment and advice.

Women's Health
Hi, i need to purchase Mixtard-30 for my father. I have prescription from Senja Family Clinic. Thank you for your fast action.

Mixtard insulin is available for purchase in NHG Pharmacy. Do note that a valid prescription is required to purchase this medicine.

Drug Information
Hi , my children are 14 and 11 yrs old . Can I give them a cebion vitamin c chewable strawberry 500 mg ?

Cebion Vitamin C tablets may be given to your children if they do not have allergies to any component of the tablets.

Vitamins/Herbal Supplements
Dear Sir/Mdm

Can you pls advise if you carry the medicine Crestor 10mg/20mg?

My mother has been taking this regularly for cholesterol control, and need to replenish. In view of the current situation (COVID-19), we will like to purchase online rather than to have her going to the polyclinic to pick up the medicine?

Can you pls advise if this can be done?

Thank you.

Crestor is a brand name and it contains Rosuvastatin. We do not carry Crestor brand but we do carry other brands which contains the same medicine.


Rosuvastatin is a prescription-only medicines and a prescription is required for the purchase of the medicines. She will have to consult a doctor to obtain the prescription, and will not be able to purchase it online.

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