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Can i get tablet DUOLUTON L home delivery

Duoluton L tablets contain ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. This product is not available in Singapore.

However, there are other contraception pills available in Singapore. You may wish to consult a doctor to assess your medical conditions and discuss on the possible alternatives available in Singapore. 

Do note that online purchase is not available for contraceptive pills. A valid prescription must be presented at a licensed pharmacy for the purchase of such medicines.

Women's Health
Hi, is there any cream or med that can ideally permanently get rid of
1. Swimmer rash
2. Sun rash (PMLE)
3. Heat rash
Else, is there any solution or prevention such as eating certain vitamins or using certain creams? Thank you!

Swimmer’s itch or rash, sun rash (PMLE) and heat rash all share the similar symptoms of red and itchy skin. They generally go away on their own after a few days.

Swimmer’s itch or rash is caused by parasites that may be present in fresh or salt water. These parasites burrow into the skin of swimmers, resulting in an allergic reaction of itchy rash and skin tenderness. Chlorine rash is also a swimming-related rash that may be due to chlorine exposure in swimming pools.

Sun rash, which appears because of sun exposure, may be hereditary or triggered by other factors. For example, some medications or contact with some plants (e.g. limes) may increase risk of sun rash in certain patients. Polymorphic light eruption (PMLE) is a type of sun rash that is usually seasonal and comes hours to days after exposure to direct sunlight.

Heat rash, also known as prickly heat, occurs when sweat is trapped in the skin. It affects patients in hot, humid conditions and goes away once the skin cools down.

There is currently no cream marketed to permanently prevent such rashes. There is also no strong evidence to support taking any specific vitamins to prevent such rashes. Calamine lotion and over-the-counter moisturizers may help to relieve the itch and dry skin respectively, as the rash recovers on its own.

To prevent rashes, you may consider the following tips:

  • Avoid the triggers if possible, such as no swimming in contaminated water.
  • Rinse with clean water immediately after swimming.
  • Wear sun-block when going outdoors (or waterproof sunscreen when swimming).
  • Stay cool and dry.
  • Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing to prevent heat rash.

You may wish to speak to a pharmacist on how to manage skin rashes if they do not go away on their own.

Common Ailments
My Mom suffered a stroke and was prescribed Amantadine to help 'reactivate' her brain. It's to be taken twice a day. Common practice is to have it in the morning and then evening, 12 hours apart. However, does it make more sense to have the second dose earlier, say in the afternoon so that she still has half a day ahead of her instead of taking it in the evening/at night when it's time to go to bed. It seems pointless to activate the brain at this time. Please advise if this makes sense and can be done, or must the drug be taken strictly 12 hours apart. Thank you.

Amantadine is a medicine that may be used as a nerve stimulant to help post-stroke patients in their recovery process. It may improve the patient’s cognitive function by maintaining the patient’s responsiveness to the environment. Based on the available studies and the medication information leaflet, it is advised to take Amantadine in 1 to 2 divided doses daily. However, the ideal dose timings to take Amantadine for stroke patients is unclear.

Please consult the prescribing doctor to clarify the specific timings at which your mother should be taking the medication for her condition, especially if it is affecting her sleep at night.

Drug Information
What is Bromhexine for ?
Can take Bromhexine together with Fluimucil ?

Bromhexine is a medication commonly used in conditions where there is a lot of thick phlegm in the airways. It is a mucolytic medication, which means that it helps to relieve symptoms of phlegmy cough by thinning the phlegm in the airways and helps with the removal of the mucus.

Fluimucil® is a medication that contains Acetylcysteine, which is also a mucolytic medication. It works similarly to Bromhexine and is used for the same conditions. As they are both mucolytic medications, you should not take Bromhexine together with Fluimucil®.

Drug Information
Do you have propranolol LA 120mg?

Propranolol LA 120mg is not available in Singapore. You may wish to consult a doctor in Singapore for a review of your medical conditions and discuss on the possible alternatives.

Drug Information
Can we drink or eat after consuming glyceryl trinitrate? And if no how long should we wait

Glyceryl Trinitrate sublingual tablets or mouth sprays are used to relieve chest pain or prevent any expected chest pain (e.g. before exercise). For the tablet, place a tablet under your tongue but do not swallow, chew or crush the tablet. For the spray, administer one spray under your tongue and avoid swallowing immediately after using the spray.

Do not eat or drink immediately after using the spray or tablet (while the tablet is dissolving). The medicine works faster when absorbed through the lining of the mouth. You may resume food or drink after your pain has completely resolved.

However, if the pain is not relieved after five minutes after using the first tablet or spray, use a second tablet or spray. If you still have pain after two to three tablets or sprays, call for an ambulance (995) immediately.

Hi, do you sell Lotemax eye drop? I have a prescription from my doctor to use that after my lasik.

NHG Pharmacy does not stock Lotemax eye drops (Loteprednol 0.5%).

You may wish to contact the hospital or retail pharmacies to enquire on the availability.

Hi I am wondering whether you have protopic 0.1% or fucibet for eczema

NHG Pharmacy currently does not keep Protopic (Tacrolimus) 0.1% and Fucibet (Betamethasone 0.1% and Fusidic acid 2%) Cream. The latter is not registered for use in Singapore, but alternative brands are available. You may wish to contact the hospital or retail pharmacies to enquire on the availability of these medications.

Do note that a valid prescription is required for the purchase of these medications.

Drug Information
I am using Vidisic gel for dry eyes as previously prescribed by an eye specialist. I have been using it for quite some time and am satisfied with its perceived effectiveness in managing my condition. I have two questions:

Is Vidisic gel suitable for long-term use?

Are there other eye gels that are more suitable for long-term use?

Dry eye happens when the tears are unable to keep the surface of the eye wet. The usual symptoms of dry eyes are white or mildly red eye, experiencing itchy, sandy, gritty feeling or a feeling that something is in the eye. It may often present with too much tearing at first.

Vidisic® Eye Gel is a lubricant eye gel that contains the ingredient Carbomer which helps to relieve symptoms of dry eye. It acts as an artificial tear that keeps the surface of the eye lubricated and has a refreshing and cooling action. Vidisic® Eye Gel contains Cetrimide which is used a preservative to prevent bacteria from growing. When you use eye preparations that contain preservatives such as Cetrimide over a long period of time, it may cause eye irritation such as redness, burning or a feeling that there is something in your eye. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Vidisic® Eye Gel for long-term.

Generally, it is recommended to use preservative-free eye drops if you need to use the eye drop more frequently. These are usually marketed as single-use vials which should be thrown away once used and do not contain preservatives. Preservative-free eye drops are available at NHG Pharmacy. You may purchase these eye drops online on the NHG Pharmacy website via this link:


You may also wish to consider the following measures to relieve dry eye symptoms as well:

  • Rest your eyes when doing activities that need you to use your eyes for long periods of time
  • Take frequent breaks by closing your eyes for a few minutes
  • Blinking repeatedly for a few seconds can help spread tears in the eyes
  • Use a humidifier in air-conditioned rooms to add moisture to the room so the surrounding air will not be too dry
  • Prevent air from blowing directly at your eyes by lowering fan speeds and by facing the fans or hair dryers away from your eyes
  • Use an eye mask to provide gentle warm compression for mild dry eyes

You should consult a doctor if your condition worsens or does not improve, or if you develop other symptoms such as:

  • Swollen and painful eyes
  • Pus coming out of your eye
  • Changes in vision
  • Other symptoms such as dry mouth
  • Only one eye is affected
  • Feeling something is present in your eye even after washing it out
Drug Information
Is Differin available for purchase through NHG pharmacies?

Differin contains Adapalene 0.1%.

Differin 0.1% gel (30g) is available in NHG Pharmacy.

Do note that a valid prescription from a doctor is required for the purchase of this medication.

It is also classified as a Pharmacy-only medicine. It may be purchased in limited quantity at licensed retail pharmacies after consultation with a pharmacist for use in persons above 12 years old.

You may contact NHG Pharmacy at 6355 3000 (NHG Polyclinics) or 6663 6847 (NUP Polyclinics) to check on the price.

Differin 0.1% cream is not available in NHG Pharmacy. You may wish to contact the hospital or retail pharmacies to enquire on its availability.

Common Ailments
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