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    (0) High Blood Pressure - FAQ
    High Blood Pressure is a condition that can lead to coronary heart diseases, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health problems. With little tell tale-signs or symptoms, it is easy to miss the diagnosis of hypertension. Some may only realise it when they suffer from complications like a stroke or heart attack.
    (0) Warfarin Therapy
    Warfarin is an anticoagulant, sometimes called a blood thinner. However, it does not thin the blood or dissolve clots that have already formed. Instead it prevents clot formation and existing clots from getting bigger, while letting the body’s natural processes dissolve the clots.
    (0) Taking Blood Pressure
    Ideally, you should take the readings two times a day - once in the morning before any medicines or food, and another in the evening.
    Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets (GTN)
    (0) Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets (GTN)
    GTN sublingual tablet is used to either relieve the pain of heart (angina) attacks or to prevent an expected heart attack, such as when you are about to exercise. The tablet should be used at the first sign of a heart attack. This medicine usually gives relief in less than 5 minutes (Important: Do not wait until severe pain develops)
    Heart health supplements
    (0) Heart health supplements
    With the wide range of health supplements claiming to benefit heart health, you may be confused with selecting a suitable product for yourself. Let's take a closer look at the list of common heart health supplements: