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    Picture of Heritage Rheuma-Salve Balm 50g

    Heritage Rheuma-Salve Balm 50g

    Formulated for superior penetration and efficacy.  Provides rapid relief from joint pains, muscle aches and promotes blood circulation. Manufactured with a proprietary blend of premium European essential oils and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients (product of Singapore)

    Extra strength pain relief balm indicated for:

    • Rheumatic pain and aching joints
    • Sore and tense muscles
    • Bruises and sprains
    • Nasal and chest congestion
    • Sinus headaches


    • Treats painful and aching joints
    • Releases sore and tight muscles
    • Relieves sprains and strains
    • Clears respiratory congestion

    Picture of Heritage Rheuma-Salve Creme 50g

    Heritage Rheuma-Salve Creme 50g

    Delivers rapid and deep penetrating pain relief at sore, tense, painful muscles and joints due to arthritis, bursitis, backache, cramps, rheumatism, tendonitis, strains or sprains.

    Rheuma-Salve® Crème utilizes a proprietary blend of premium quality essential oils and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that satisfy BP (British) & USP (USA) standards.
    (product of Singapore)
    Picture of HST Cough Alievaid Herbal Linctus 120ml

    HST Cough Alievaid Herbal Linctus 120ml

    Formulated using traditional Chinese herbs, Heritage® Cough Alievaid Herbal Linctus is an all-natural, sugar-free and alcohol-free remedy to relieve cough and its associated symptoms.   Consists of a blend of herbs, which work synergistically to alleviate cough and fortify the body's defense mechanisms.

    • Suppresses cough
    • Reduces phlegm
    • Eases congestion
    • Soothes irritated & sore throat
    • Halal certified