Cost and Other Information

How much does it cost? 

The cost of ConviDose™ service is $7.50 per week. However, for patients of National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, ConviDose™ is provided at a special rate of $3.50 per week. The packing fee for ConviDose™ service does not include the cost for medicines.

How long does it take to pack the medicines? 

2 weeks is needed to pack the medicines into sachets after receiving the prescription.

How does the patient receive the ConviDose™ sachets? 

The first collection of ConviDose ™ sachets has to be done at the polyclinic that the patient visits. For future collections, the patient may opt for personal collection at the polyclinic, home delivery service, or locker service. Home delivery service or locker service are each priced at $4 per subscription.

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