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    Eat mindfully

    Eat mindfully

    Some people may put on some weight over the festive season or on special occasions due to the extra calories gained from snacks and treats.

    The normal recommended daily calorie intake is 2200 kcal for men and 1800 kcal for women. Some reports show that people tend to eat two to three times of the daily recommended calorie intake during festive seasons!

    Although special occasions and festive seasons are meant for joy and celebration, being aware of the amount you eat will help you maintain a healthy body weight and enjoy the festivities guilt-free!

    Here are some handy tips during the festive season:

    1. Avoid making visits on an empty stomach  

    • We tend to eat more food and drink more without realising when we are hungry. 
    • Avoid falling into this situation by filling up your stomach before visiting. Examples of healthy food include:
      • Fruits and vegetables
      • whole grains like brown rice or wholemeal bread

    2. Be aware of what you are eating and drinking. Do it slowly and mindfully. 

    • Take note of the amount of food and drinks you are taking between visits to avoid over snacking.
    • Chewing and eating your food slowly gives your stomach time to digest the food and register the feeling of fullness. This prevents you from eating more than what your body needs.

    3. Choose your food wisely 

    • Festive goodies are usually packed with sugar and fat. 
    • Read the nutritional information on the packaging before eating.  
    • Consider buying festive goodies from bakeries that offer low-sugar or whole grain options.
     The following are examples of festive snacks and their associated calories. Find out how much exercise you need to burn off the extra calories from that festive snack!   

    Bak kwa 

    370 calories per slice 

    60 minutes of cycling 

    Pineapple tart 

    82 calories per piece 

    15 minutes of aerobics 
    30 minutes of slow walking 

    Love letter 

    56 calories per piece

    20 minutes of household chores 

    Twisted cookies

    67 calories per piece 

    Cornflake cookies 

    200 calories per 5 pieces 

    30-45 minutes of walking at moderate intensity 

    Please note that the calories per serving shown on a product packaging is only an estimate.  


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