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    First Aid for Every Home

    First Aid for Every Home

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    Always be prepared!  
    Accidents can happen even in the safest environments. A well-stocked first aid box that is kept within easy reach is a must in every home.

    A basic first aid kit should contain the following:

     Item Purpose
    Adhesive tapeHold dressings in place
    Adhesive / elastic bandages in various sizesCover, dress and protect wounds
    Alcohol swabsClean and disinfect the skin (to skin that is not broken, up to the edges of the wound)
    Antiseptic cream or solutionClean and prevent infection of wounds
    Burn ointmentPrevent infection and soothe burn wounds
    Cotton ballsTo apply medicine, clean wounds or blood
    Eye wash solutionTo wash out foreign objects or chemicals in the eye
    PlastersCover wounds
    ScissorsCut gauze, bandages or dressings
    Tweezers     Remove stings and other small foreign objects from the skin
    Sodium chloride or water for injectionClean wounds
    Disposable latex glovesPrevent contamination of wounds and protect from infection spread via blood or other bodily fluids
    Safety pinsHold bandages together
    Triangle bandageSupport an injured arm (by making it into a sling)
    Sterile dressings/gauzeCover large wounds

    You may also wish to include the following supplies and medicine for common illnesses: 

     Item Purpose
    Hot / cold packRelieve muscle or join aches and swelling from sprains
    Medicated oilRelieve nasal congestion and dizziness or headache
    Antiseptic hand wash             Disinfection of hands
    ThermometerMeasure body temperature
    Activated charcoal
    Oral rehydration salts
    Calamine lotion

    Pain and fever
    Diarrhoea or food poisoning
    Prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea
    Soothe insect bites & minor skin rashes

    The contents of your first aid box will vary depending on the people in your household and their needs. Remember to check the expiry dates of the items inside the first aid box regularly and replace any expired items as soon as possible.

    Set up your first aid box at home now! You can obtain first aid boxes at NHG Pharmacy or purchase firt aid items online.

    Updated Jun 2023


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