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    Freestyle Optium Ketone Test Strip 10s

    brand: Optium
    • FreeStyle Optium Blood β-Ketone Test Strips are for use with FreeStyle Optium Neo, FreeStyle Optium, Optium and Optium Xceed meters. 
    • The test strips are designed to quantitatively measure blood β-Ketone (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) in fresh capillary whole blood from the fingertip. 
    SKU: 0061-06-015-R
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    Remove the test strip from the purple foil packet. Open the test strip packet by tearing at the notch. Insert the contact bars at the end of the test strip into the test port of the meter. Gently push the test strip in until it stops. The meter turns on automatically. Obtain a blood drop. Follow the instructions for use packaged with the lancing device. Touch the blood drop to the white target area at the end of the test strip. The blood is drawn into the test strip. You can use the opened foil packet to remove and discard your used blood β-Ketone test strip. Discard the test strip properly.

    NOTE: Optium and Optium Xceed Meter users should check that LOT 75001 or CODE 75001 appears on the meter display window. If LOT 75001 or CODE 75001 is not displayed, contact Customer Services. 

    Composition: β-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase (Pseudomonas sp) ≥ 0.03 U. NAD (Free acid form) ≥ 1.67 μg. Phenanthroline quinone ≥ 0.29 μg. Non-reactive ingredients ≥ 19.51 μg

    Cautionary Instructions
    The following messages may indicate you have obtained a blood β-Ketone result that requires immediate action or there may be a problem with the test strip:

    • HI means your meter has determined that your blood β-Ketone result is higher than 8.0 mmol/L.
    • Test Error 2 or Test Error 4 (Optium Meter) or E-3 or E-4 (FreeStyle Optium Neo, FreeStyle Optium and Optium Xceed Meters) means there may be a test error. 

    If any of these messages show, repeat the test with a new test strip. If the same message shows again, contact your healthcare professional immediately.  You may also perform a control solution test to check the performance of your system. Follow your healthcare professional’s advice before you make any changes to your diabetes medication programme.

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