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    Children's Health

    Children's Health

    Can enquire what medication can be used for mouth ulcer in 15months old boy?

    Do you have Telfast syrup for kids?

    Can I mix Cetirizine 1mg in my child's milk?

    Can a 6 month old baby who has G6PD take Appetton Vitamin drops with lysine to increase her appetite ?

    Hi,would like to ask about ear wax removal. Do you have any ear wax spray for children?

    Common Ailments

    Common Ailments

    Have an open wound on my knee after falling. It is not big but slightly deep. I have antiseptic and dressing bandages at home. How should i care for my wound (cleaning etc)?

    Hi, is there any cream or med that can ideally permanently get rid of 1. Swimmer rash 2. Sun rash (PMLE) 3. Heat rash Else, is there any solution or prevention such as eating certain vitamins or using certain creams? Thank you!

    Is Differin available for purchase through NHG pharmacies?

    My 9yo developed eczema a few months ago. We have been giving her Adezio syrup, 5ml twice a day and she has finished 2 bottles. Is it safe to continue administering this? We are not sure whether to buy another bottle.

    My son (teenager) has developed morning allergy like sneezing alot when wake up in the morning. He has taken Zyrtec-R sometimes when sneezing are too much. I want to know what is the best medicine for such condition? Thank you for your advice.

    Drug Information

    Information on Drugs

    Can I get paxlovid in Singapore pharmacy now?

    My child has taken 10 ml of Cetirizine HCI 1 mg in the morning for his nose allergy and in the afternoon he went to see doctor and doctor has prescribed FEDAC to be taken 1 tab/ twice daily. Would like to know if my child can take the FEDAC tab today since he has taken antihistamine in the morning.

    Is it okay for my pregnant wife to take a 5mg folic acid tablet daily on top with drinking pregnancy milk which contains 0.17mg folic acid?

    Hi, may I ask if it's possible to purchase domperidone (10mg) over the counter without prescription? If yes, may I know how much is it?

    Would like to know Duro-Tuss herbal chesty cough liquid is it suitable for dry cough ?

    Can I buy Brivaracetam 25mg from pharmacy from a foreign prescription in English?

    Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Came across your 'Hair Loss' brochure. Informative and I would like to see improvement in my hair growth. I would like to enquire what is the recommended oral prescription and the cost.

    Minoxidil topical solution, do you carry this product, how much is it ?

    Hi, I have just had my FUE hair transplant done 3 weeks ago and my donor area (back of head) is experiencing some itch and bump like rash and redness. I think it might be folliculitis. May I know whether you have any creams that can be applied and medicated shampoo to help ease the itching and the rash? Thanks.

    I would like to know which oil will be good to help baby grow hair.

    Suffering from severe hair fall since I came to Singapore 2 months back. What supplements should I take. Is cod liver oil beneficial ?

    Long-Term Illness

    Long-Term Illness

    Do you carry stock Duodart(if yes how much the price?

    I'm a type 2 diabetic. Recently someone says Glucofort is good. Just want to know is it approved by hsa

    How do I get Amlodipine 10MG and Bisoprolol fumarate 2.5mg? I have hypertension and these are prescribed to me and its running low.

    Can i order propylthiouracil medicine online? I have dr prescription.

    Please advise if NHG Pharmacy carry Tipidin. If so, please advise the process to purchase Tipidin from NHG Pharmacy.

    Men's Health

    Men's Health

    I am feeling a sharp pain on the left side under my jawbone. It has happened a few times but very seldom only. I would like to know what are the possible reasons and/or causes.

    I feel headache weak, still have diarrhea all the time, what medicine should buy? Do I need a prescription?

    Hi, I’m 42 yrs old. My lips are getting dry and it pains when i try to open my mouth full and lips swelling during morning after sleep and woke up. Any medicines suggestion for these? Thank you.

    I'm a type 1 diabetic looking to buy insulin. I normally buy in Johor Bahru but due to the lockdown, I am unable to get stock. I am looking to get either Novomix/Ryzodec. Please could you assist in how I could obtain insulin asap. Thank you.

    Understand Aspirin is a blood thinning medicine, can i just get from any pharmacy or do i need a doctor's recommendation? Also, are there different types or dosage?



    Hi there, this is a general question regarding when to take our medications. Do we always have to space out the doses as evenly as possible or is it OK to have one interval longer/shorter than the others, etc? For example, if a drug is to be taken 4 times a day, we would usually take it in intervals of 4 hours. Or should it be 5 hours to spread it out more evenly? Does it affect the effectiveness of the drug in any way? What if we need to take a drug only 2 times a day? Should we have it 12-hourly? Can we have the first dose at say 8am and the second one at 4pm if that's more convenient for us rather than 8pm? Please kindly advise. Thank you.

    Do you sell rexobol 50, if yes the price please.

    Can we drink or eat after consuming glyceryl trinitrate? And if no how long should we wait

    Hi, do you sell Lotemax eye drop? I have a prescription from my doctor to use that after my lasik.

    Hi, can i purchase Avamys nasal spray from your pharmacy?

    Vitamin/Herbal Supplements

    Vitamin/Herbal Supplements

    My elderly mother is currently taking the herbal supplement, Ginkgo Biloba every morning. I would like to inquire whether the herbal supplement, Ginkgo Biloba can be taken together with the probiotic supplement, Vivomixx™? Would there be any interaction between the 2 supplements when they are taken together? Thank you.

    Is biocalth suitable for people with seafood allergies? Can it be taken with atorvastatin? Thanks

    I am taking Ascorbic Acid 100g tablets on daily basis. I do not have any health concern, existing or history medical condition except borderline high cholesterol. I took the Vit C (Ascorbic Acid 100mg tablet) for health maintain purpose only. Along with Ascorbic Acid 100mg tablets, i also took DHA B-plex Vit B complex and Suncal-D (Calcium Carbonate 450mg & Vit D 200mg) tablets each everyday. (All purchased from polyclinic pharmacy) I have 2 Questions : A) Is this true taking Ascorbic acid 100mg tablet daily would cause kidney stones? B) Is it better to take Ascorbic Acid 100mg on alternate days to prevent formation of kidney stones? I am a lady at age 46 and do not have any history of kidney stones before.

    To boost our immunity level against covid 19, should we take vit C or vit D ? what is a safe amount per day for vit D ? what should we look for in the ingredient ? I know vit D is available from sun but my son (23 yrs) is going to UK for next 6 months, little chance of sun in winter

    As vit C supplement, what is the safe level to take per day for male adult ? Read that optimal daily level is 100mg, but what are being sold is min 500mg. What is the best vit C supplement (no calcium) ? Slow release ?

    Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    How to reduce belly fat

    Do NHG Polyclinics carry Duromine?

    Hello..i would like to ask from you i able to get duromin at polyclinics?I understand that i will need prescription and i am able to get a presciption.I just want to know if i am able to get it at a polyclinics?if not i will visit a GP to get it

    Do your carry weight loss medication from Nature's Essence eg, trimdown, slim down etc?

    I was introduced to this weight loss coffee by a slimming salon. it contains: guar gum, inulin, citrus aurantium, non-dairy creamer glucosem, coffee powder. is it safe?

    Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Can i get tablet DUOLUTON L home delivery

    Am I allowed to have sexual intercourse while being at the end of a pessary(flagystatin) course? I am left with the last ovule

    My wife is at her third trimester. She has lots of acne on her tummy. The tummy is very itchy. What type of moisturizer should she get?

    Any good vitamin C cream or serum to recommend that is good for aging skin.

    Do you carry Ural or Cran Lite effervescent sachets?