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    Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets (GTN)

    Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets (GTN)

    GTN sublingual tablet is used to either relieve the pain of heart (angina) attacks or to prevent an expected heart attack, such as when you are about to exercise.

    The tablet should be used at the first sign of a heart attack. This medicine usually gives relief in less than five minutes (Important: Do not wait until severe pain develops).

    15-Minute Rule

    • Step 1  -  Stop what you are doing, sit down and rest

    • Step 2  -  If the pain does not go away, place one GTN tablet under your tongue,
                     wait for five minutes

    • Step 3  -  If the pain remains, use a second GTN tablet,
                     wait for five minutes

    • Step 4  -  If the pain remains, use a third GTN tablet
                     wait for five minutes

    • Step 5  -  If the pain remains after the 3rd tablet, call 995

    If your pain becomes worse at any point in time, or if you feel unwell (e.g. dizzy, short of breath, sweaty), call 995 immediately.

    You may continue to take one GTN tablet every five minutes to relieve the attack while waiting for the ambulance.

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