Homecare & Rehabilitation

As you grow older, your body may slowly become weaker. The use of homecare products to help with daily activities can make living independently more enjoyable.

NHG Pharmacy carries a wide variety of products to help with your daily life. 

 Products that help with movement
- Walking Sticks & Canes
- Crutches
- Wheelchair
- Commodes

Home Monitoring Devices
- Blood Pressure Meter
- Blood Sugar Meter

Products that help with leaking of urine or fecal matter 
- Adult diapers
- Catheters
- Sheaths (covers)
- Drainage bags
- Urinals 
- Bed pans    

First Aid  
- Bandages
Gauzes and tapes 
- Wound care gels/creams/powder 

Enjoy FREE delivery with $150 purchase and above
* excluding medicine
* delivery fees of $12 for purchase below $150

Refund & Exchange
Please keep receipt for exchange or refund within 7 days. Medicine and nutrition feeds sold are strictly non-refundable or non-exchangeable. Terms and conditions apply.  

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