Homecare & Rehabilitation

As one advances into the golden years, physical capabilities may gradually decline. Making use of the homecare / rehabilitation solutions to help with daily activities will help one enjoy a more independent living.

NHG Pharmacy carries a wide assortment of assisted living aids such as wheelchairs, bed-pans, urinals, incontinence care and other independent living products.

Mobility Aids
- walking sticks & canes
- crutches
- wheelchair
- commodes

Home Monitoring Devices
- blood pressure monitor
- blood glucose meter

Incontinence Care
- adult diapers
- catheters
- sheaths
- drainage bags
- urinals

First Aid 

Enjoy FREE delivery with $150 purchase and above
* excluding medicinal products
* delivery fees of $12 for purchase below $150

Refund & Exchange
Please keep receipt for exchange or refund within 7 days. Medicines and enteral nutrition products sold are strictly non-refundable or non-exchangeable. Terms and conditions apply.  

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