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    Hospitech Nelaton Catheter Size 14FG

    brand: Hospitech
    For short term bladder catherisation in male users.
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    Managing Urinary Problems Made Easy with Hospitech Nelation Catheter:

    • Hospitech Nelaton Catheter is designed for short-term bladder catheterisation in male users.
    • Some of the medical conditions that might require the use of a nelaton catheter include urinary retention, prostate issues, or spinal cord injuries.
    • Hospitech Nelaton Catheter comes with a soft rounded closed tip with two lateral eyes ensuring efficient urine drainage.
    • Made with soft and medical grade kink-resistant PVC tube, this catheter is durable and easy to use.
    • The material used to manufacture the nelaton catheter is non-allergenic too, making it suitable to be used for patients with sensitive skin conditions.
    • To ensure maximum hygiene and safety, the catheter is sterilised and packed individually.
    • Hospitech Nelaton Catheter also comes in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


    • Soft rounded closed tip with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
    • Soft & kink-resistant medical-grade PVC tubing.
    • Sterile & individually packed.
    • Safe & non-allergic.

    Cautionary Instructions
    Sterility guaranteed unless package has been opened or damaged.

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