Medication Dispensing & Counselling

Our pharmacies are strategically located within NHG and NUP group of Polyclinics, and provide dispensing services to polyclinic patients and the public.

NHG Pharmacy carries a wide range of Prescription Medications for treatment of acute and long-term medical conditions. We also accept external prescriptions from other public institutions as well as private prescriptions.

Our pharmacies also stock and dispense a variety of Pharmacy-Only-Medicines (medicines that can be obtained through the pharmacists and do not need a prescription from doctors) for treatment of minor ailments such as cough and cold.


Our pharmacists are registered health professionals who have been extensively trained on the art and science of medicines and possess a degree in Pharmacy. Other than helping you understand your doctor's prescription, our pharmacists can:

  • Help you understand what your medicines are for.
  • Explain how your medicines work in your body.
  • Help you understand how to use your medicines safely, correctly and effectively.
  • Advise you on how to deal with missed doses.
  • Help you understand and manage side effects from the medicines.
  • Help you understand potential interaction of your medicines with other medicines or food.
  • Help you understand and manage your medical conditions better.
  • Provide advice on lifestyle management and general healthcare needs such as self-medication for minor ailments like cough and cold, travel medicines and vaccination, selection of health supplements, suitable homecare and first-aids needs.

Visit our pharmacies today or call 6355 3000 (NHGP) / 6663 6847 (NUP) to speak to our pharmacist. You can also pose your question on Ask Our Pharmacist.

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