Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Clinic

Taking your medicine the right way is essential in the management of your medical conditions.

Are you at risk of taking your medicine the wrong way? Find out now.

1. Do you regularly take more than 1 prescription medicine? Yes No 
2. Are you unsure about what your medicine do? Yes No 
3. Are you unsure about why you are taking your medicine? Yes No 
4. Do you have any difficulties in taking your medicine? Yes No
5. Do you sometimes forget to take your medicine? Yes No
6. Do you feel that your medical condition may not be under control? Yes No
7. Do you feel that you are experiencing side effects from your medicine?   Yes No

If your answer is “Yes” for one or more of the questions, arrange for an MTM session with our pharmacist.

During the MTM session, our trained pharmacist will:

  • Review and evaluate your response to your medication therapy to help you get the best out of your medications.
  • Provide personalised counselling to reinforce on the right use of your drugs.
  • Assess risks of drug interactions and medicine-related problems.

Benefits of MTM:

  • Help to improve your adherence to your drug therapy,
  • Reduce confusion and minimise errors.

If you need help in organising and managing your medications, our pharmacist may recommend Convidose(TM), a personalised medication management service that organises long-term medications into customised sachets, with stipulated quantity and time the pills need to be consumed.

Let our professional pharmacists share information and expert advice to help you take charge of your medicine.

Please call 6355 3000 or email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg to make an appointment now.


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