Benefits of Quitting

It only takes 8 hours for the effects of the healing process to kick in and this continues for years after that last cigarette.

Within 8 Hours
  • Carbon monoxide level in your body drops
  • Oxygen level in your blood increases to normal
Within 48 Hours 
  • Your chance of a heart attack decreases
  • Senses of smell and taste improve
Within 3 Days 
  • Breathing is easier as your bronchial tubes relax
  • You feel more energised
Within 3 Months  
  • Blood circulation improves
  • For men, sperm quality returns to normal
  • For women, fertility improves
  • Walking and aerobic exercise become easier
Within 6 Months
  •  Say goodbye to coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness and shortness of breath
Within 1 Year 
  • Risk of smoking-related heart is reduced by 50%
Within 5 Years 
  • Risk of mouth, throat and oesophageal cancer is halved 
Within 10 Years  
  • Risk of lung cancer is reduced by 50%
  • Risk of bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancers also decreases
Within 15 Years 
  • Risk of heart attack and stroke is equal to a person who has never smoked


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