Get Support to Quit!

Share your decision to quit with your family and friends. If they are smokers, ask them to respect your decision to quit smoking. Their support can make a difference.friend3 

As an Activities Buddy 

  • Take up activities together that can help you relieve stress and keep your mind off cigaretes.

As a Quit Buddy 

  • Here’s your comrade-in-arms, a fellow smoker friend or friends who have pledged to quit together with you. Face the challenges together and share the success. 

As an Escort Buddy 

  • Now there’s someone to accompany you to non-smoking places. This reduces the temptation to smoke, especially during the first few weeks of quitting.

As a Motivational Buddy 

  • He or she can offer constant encouragement, be it a phone call, SMS or email, to keep you motivated.

As a plain ol’Buddy 

  • A good friend who will be patient and understanding even when you’re feeling irritable and moody due to nicotine withdrawal.

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