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Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) facilities refers to facilities that provide a range of services to support the needs of people who are unable to care for themselves for long period of time due to chronic health conditions. Such care may include medical as well as non-medical services such as assisting with daily activities like feeding, dressing and toileting.  

Since Nov 2003, NHG Pharmacy’s team of trained pharmacists has been providing a comprehensive suite of medication management services to the Intermediate Long Term Care (ILTCs) facilities.    

Our Medication Management Services to ILTC facilities include: 

1.  Professional Pharmacist Services: 

  • Review Inpatient Medication Records 
  • Conduct case reviews or comprehensive medication reviews 
  • Run ambulatory clinics 
  • Conduct in-service trainings 
  • Provide drug information services 
  • Conduct quality assurance audits 

2.  Medication supply: 

  • Prescription filling 
  • Management of ward stock and residents' medications 
  • Supply of medications in multi-dose packaging compliance aids (ConviDoseTM) 
  • Procurement of medications 

What are the benefits of our Medication Management Services?   

  • Improved medication safety 
  • Wastage reduction 
  • Allowing nurses to focus on patient care 
  • Better health outcomes for nursing home residents through improved medication safety   

With a centralised facility to streamline processes and consolidate the packaging and medication supply, NHG Pharmacy is well placed to cater to the operational needs for all our ILTC clients. For more information, please call ConviDoseTM Hotline at 6385 4595 or email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg, or click here to find out more. 

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