Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms is actually a good thing. Withdrawal symptoms are positive signs that your body is recovering during the first few weeks of quitting. Here are some tips on how you can cope:

Constant cravings
As your body clears out the nicotine, you will feel a strong urge to replenish it.

How to cope – follow the 4Ds:

  • Distract yourself by doing something else
  • Delay lighting up
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Drink a glad of water or milk slowly

Feeling irritable
Your brain is adjusting to a nicotine-free life.

  • Do relaxation exercises
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Catch a movie (comedies preferred)
  • Warn family and friends of potential irritability
  • Do light exercises like brisk walking. This releases endorphins to lift your mood
  • Take a whiff of peppermint oil or drink peppermint tea to calm nerves

Having headaches
Your brain is most likely adapting to the increased level of oxygen

  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay in quiet, relaxed surroundings
  • Go easy on your eyes. Read and watch TV with the lights on.

Feeling tired
Nicotine is a stimulant that forces your body to feel awake. As your blood circulation improves, you will feel fresh without the need to smoke 

  • Get enough sleep
  • Don’t tire yourself out
  • Do light exercises like brisk walking
  • Take small, regular meals to regulate your blood sugar level and boost your energy level
  • Replace coffee with ginger or herbal tea to perk up

Your lungs start to function properly again and are working to clear tar, dead cells and extra mucus accumulated from the cigarettes.

  • Sip warm water
  • Suck on sugar-free cough drops

Tingling hands and feet
This is a sign that your blood circulation is slowly improving and more oxygen is getting to your fingers and toes. This will stop when your body adapts to the improved circulation.

  • Go for hand and foot massages
  • Distract yourself with a walk or novel
  • Do stretching exercises or yoga

Heavier Wallet
It is a sure sign that you are saving more of your money.

  • Save up for that item you have been eyeing

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