Common Causes of Relapse

Many people take 3 or 4 attempts to quit successfully, so you just have to keep trying. If you do relapse, understand the cause of every failure to increase your chances of success on your next quit attempt! Take a look at the common causes of a relapse for different smoking motivations: 

It’s an Addiction 

  • You may require a different dose or form of pharmacotherapy. 
  • Ask your pharmacist or doctor to re-evaluate your medication.

Remember to inform your pharmacist if you 

It’s all in your mind
It’s not the amount of stress but how you handle the stress.
Some healthy ways to manage stress include:

  • Relaxation exercises and yoga
  • Listening to your favourite music
  • Pampering yourself with a hand, back or shoulder massage
  • Relaxing with a soothing cup of warm herbal tea 

It’s a Habit 

  • Stay away from “dangerous” situations where you will feel tempted to smoke, such as after a meal or with smoking friends. 
  • Try to surround yourself with positive people who will help you quit.

Weight Gain
After quitting, food will seem tastier and you might indulge a little more than usual.
Any resulting weight gain had been known to discourage some from quitting, but this weight gain is temporary. Also, not everyone gains weight when they quit.

  • Preventing weight gain is a simple matter of being smart about your food choices. Manage your weight by:
  • Eating small, well-balanced meals throughout the day and not skipping meals
  • Replacing high-fat and sugar-rich snacks with low calorie options such as fresh fruits or crunch veggies
  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily
  • Increase physical activity. Just thirty minutes a day for five or more days a week

Keep yourself going with these reminder tips: 

  • Try and keep to places where smoking is not allowed, such as cinemas and shopping malls.
  • Gain the support of friends who smoke and get them to respect your decision to quit.
  • Reward yourself! Treat yourself to something special for every week and month that you stay smoke-free. Go on, you deserve it.
  • Keep moving. Exercise helps to release endorphins (happiness-inducing hormones) in your body to keep your spirits up.

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