Travel Health Advice

Worried that you are not packing the right medicine for you and your family in the coming vacation?

Not sure if you would be able to cross  the borders with your medicine? Not sure if you can bring your insulin or other liquid medicine on flight?

A little extra planning is important for a safe and healthy holiday. Naturally you can buy many of the medicine you might need in pharmacies abroad. But experience shows that you often need the medicine when the shops and pharmacies are closed or when they are miles away.

With the implementation of Liquid, Aerosol and Gels (LAG) restrictions in the aviation industry, you may be confused or worried if you would have problem bringing up that vial of insulin on flight.

Our pharmacists are well trained to advise you on travel medicine, travel first aids, travel vaccinations and other travel advice you might need.

Visit our pharmacies today or call 6355 3000 to speak to our pharmacist.

You can also pose your question on Ask Our Pharmacist  or read more in the Travel Care section.

Updated 17 Jan 2022 

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