Guard against the 3 silent killers

DysLipidaemia, Hypertension and Smoking (LHS) are considered chronic diseases that collectively increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. If not managed well, LHS can result in long-term disability and even death. These diseases do not present any visible signs or symptoms even when they are quite severe, and hence are called ‘silent killers’. For example, causes of most cases of ‘sudden’ heart attacks are usually linked to LHS and in truth, do not actually come suddenly. They can be traced back to long-term struggle with dysLipidaemia, Hypertension and/or Smoking (LHS).

Find out how LHS can affect your health and how you can prevent LHS from creeping into your life here.

Let our Pharmacists who are Certified Quit Smoking Consultants help you kick the habit. Your chance of success will increase with the help of our pharmacist through counselling and use of medicines that can help you quit smoking. Make a wise choice, kick the habit and give yourself a new lease of life!

If you or your loved ones need help to quit smoking, call 6340 2300 (NHGP) / 6663 6847 (NUP) now or email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg for an appointment with our pharmacists.

Updated 16 Oct 2020 

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