Handy General Health Information (Printable)

Managing your blood pressure and blood sugar   

Angina Pectoris  Sugar and Spice  Ups and Down   Vitamin K   LHS brochure 
Relieve chest pain or discomfort Monitor and manage your blood sugar Monitor and manage your blood pressure level Manage your diet while taking Warfarin (Food high in vitamin K) Guard against 3 silent killers (Dyslipidaemia, hypertension, smoking)
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Personal and hygiene care  

 Hair and scalp    Something bugging you    Hair loss 
Treat and prevent dandruff   Treat and prevent head lice (symptoms and treatment of head lice)   Prevent hair loss
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Loud and clear    Nail the problem    Skin care    Sun protection 
Remove ear wax     Treat fungal nail infections   Treat and care for dry skin   Proper use of sunscreen
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Treating minor illnesses   

Clear vision    Worm infestation    Clear the clog 
Treat and soothe red or
itchy eyes
  Treat and prevent worms
in intestines
  Treat and prevent
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Gastro woes    Motion sickness    Mother and Child 
Treat indigestion and heartburn   Treat and prevent motion sickness   Use the right medicines for expecting mothers
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Correct and proper use of medicines   

 Use your ear drops the right way     Use your eye drops the right way     Use your eye ointments the right way 
Use your ear drops the
right way
  Use your eye drops the
right way
  Use your eye ointments the right way
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 Use your nose drops the right way     Use your rectal suppositories the right way    Use your pessaries the right way 
Use your nose drops the
right way
  Use your rectal suppositories the right way   Use your pessaries the
right way
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Getting health care products or medicines  

Safe and Sound    Bon Voyage    Out and About    Up and Running 
Must-have in your home
first-aid box 
  Bring the right medicines
on a holiday
  Choose a suitable wheelchair   Choose a right walking
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Store your medicines correctly  

 Store in cool and dry place 

Store in a cool, dry place

  Keep out of reach from children 

Keep the medicine out of reach of children

  Do not store expired medicines 

Do not keep expired medicines or medicines that are no longer needed


If you have any questions about your medicines or wish to get advice on your health condition, you may send your question to our patient-care pharmacist here. Alternatively, you may email your enquiries to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg.

If you need an advice immediately, please consult a Doctor or call our Pharmacist via our NHGP contact centre at 6355 3000.

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