What should you look out for when choosing wheelchairs?

1. Weight of wheelchair Lightweight aluminum or steel wheelchair  

    • A lighter aluminum wheelchair will be easier to bring around than a heavier steel wheelchair 

2. Wheelchair or Pushchair  

    • You will require wheelchairs with big wheels if you can wheel yourself around 
    • A pushchair, which has small wheels, is lighter and more suitable if there is someone to push you around  

3. Armrests and footrests that are fixed or can be removed 

    • Wheelchairs parts that can be removed allow you to push the armrest and footrest to the side for an easier transfer from the wheelchair to a normal chair or bed.  

4. Width of wheelchair 

    • The wider the wheelchair, the harder it is to push it through narrow spaces like doorways. 
    • Seat that is too wide for you may lead to bad posture. 

5. Cost of wheelchairs 

Notes on Safety and Handling

  • Remember to lock the wheels before getting out or into the wheelchair 
  • Lift up the footrests before getting off the wheelchair  




Wheelchairs combined 

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