4 useful tips to wear a face mask

With Singapore experiencing hot weather all year round, wearing a face mask can be uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help make wearing mask more comfortable.

1. Limit your time wearing a mask 

Stay home     


2. Use a mask made of a breathable material 

Mask material   
  • Choose the right material or fabric for your mask.
  • A lightweight, light-coloured and breathable material such as cotton will allow for better flow of air


3. Have more than one mask 

  • To stay cool and dry, bring along an extra mask to change, especially if you will be out in public for a long period of time. Tip: store your masks in a clean container.
  • Throw away your mask if it gets damp and sweaty.
  • A wet mask provides less protection against germs compared to a dry one.


4. Stay indoors if possible 

 Stay indoor   
  • Avoid being directly under the sun to stay cool.
  • Remember to drink more water.


Updated 24 Aug 2020 

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