Prenatal Care/Assessment

Prenatal care is the medical treatment and health care given to a woman during her pregnancy. Prenatal care is important to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and to inform the woman about the important steps she can take to protect her baby and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

At each visit your urine, blood pressure and weight gain will be checked. Your doctor will examine your abdomen to ascertain the position and size of the baby. Blood tests and ultrasound scans will also be carried out to detect foetal anomaly.

Prenatal care assessments also include the following blood tests:

  • A full blood count to exclude anaemia and thalassemia
  • Blood grouping in the event a blood transfusion would be required 
  • Hepatitis and syphilis screening
  • Rubella antibody screening (optional) to establish a history of exposure to this infection
  • An HIV screening as the implications on your baby may be significant should these infections be present

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