First Aid

The life of an injured may depend on proper first-aid given within the next few minutes of an accident. First aid treatment is important in preventing further injury, pain or discomfort. More importantly, it will save lives.

A well-stocked and maintained first aid kit, kept within reach, will help you handle an emergency at home or in a workplace. You should also keep one in the car to help you handle minor injuries.

In Singapore, it is mandatory for employers to provide first aid and medical supplies in workplaces, as stipulated in “Workplace Safety and Health (First-Aid) Regulations”. The first aid box should be maintained by an appointed staff who will take charge of all first aid arrangements. He should schedule regular checks to ensure that the contents are replenished and are not expired. Our pharmacists can help you select the appropriate first-aid supplies for your home or workplace, please call 6355 3000 or email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg.

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