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Celebrate our nation's birthday!

Celebrate our nation's birthday!

Save up to 50% with Singapore's favourite homegrown healthcare products

Online Retail Pharmacy

Online Retail Pharmacy

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Order Glucerna, Ensure, Nepro, adult diapers and more online

Medication Delivery Service

Medication Delivery Service

Home delivery is charged at $4 per service.


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PROMOTION - Glucerna Liquid Vanilla Flavour 250ml 3 cartons @ $172.80, Ensure Liquid Vanilla 250ml 3 cartons @ $129.60, Fresubin Vanilla 1 carton @ $64.80. Diben Vanilla 1 carton @ $64.80Promotion valid till 30/10/2019. These products are strictly non-returnable and non exchangeable. Or visit our pharmacies located here to purchase.  Terms and conditions apply.
For enquiries, please email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg or call 6340 2322/ 28/ 00 (Mon-Fri: 8.30am to 5.30pm). 

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