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2-In-1 Repellent 20g x 4pcs


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  • Antimos is a new revolutionary repellent which uses a non-toxic vapour formula to effectively repel both mosquitos and cockroaches.
  • This unique combination makes Antimos your one-stop solution against dengue and cockroaches because it is safe, effective, affordable, portable and practical to use for your family.
  • No electricity, burning or application to your body. Just open the can to allow the vapour to fill your room or kitchen and allow the vapour to provide you the protection.


Tear open shrink wrap and open plastic lid.  Once the plastic lid is removed, it releases a lemon scented vapour. Place it anywhere within the room or kitchen.

Each Antimos canister is designed to protect an area of approx. 80 – 100 sq feet and can last 21 days. For extended usage, cover lid when not in use. Do not place it in the direction of a blowing fan as it will disperse the vapour and reduce its effectiveness.


Cautionary Instructions

Not to be consumed. Keep away from infants and pets when placed on the floor.


Storage Advisory

Store under normal room temperature in upright position.

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