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  • Ready to use as it is when your baby becomes feverish
  • Because it tightly fits to the forehead, it is not displaced even if your baby turns in bed.
  • Crisp and cool effects persist for about 4 hours per sheet.
  • Koolfever has the size perfectly fitted to babies' forehead
  • The cooling gel does not contain fragrance or coloring, gentle to babies' skin.

Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel-cooling surface to desired body parts. Cut Koolfever to a suitable size with scissors if necessary. Use Koolfever once, for efficacy and hygiene.

Cautionary Instructions
Don't use Koolfever on irritated or injured skin (cut, eczema, rash, burns, thermal injury, etc). Take extra care when using Koolfever on babies with weak skin. If any irritation such as swelling, rashes, etc., occurs during or after application, discontinue use and see a dermatologist. When Koolfever is used on babies, use under supervision of parents or other responsible adults and pay special attention to keep them from eating or placing the product over their mouths or nostrils to prevent suffocation. Avoid storing in places of high temperature. Store in a cool place preferably. Using them refrigerated achieves still further cooling effect (don't store in a freezer).

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