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Powerful Slim Pants Anti-Bac Large 10s (4 packs x 1 ctn)

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Comes with fully breathable cover and waist band to release heat and to prevent rashes, has flexible leg cuffs which reduce friction and prevent side leakage, thus providing security and comfort wearing. 

  • Powerful & slim absorbent pad - Powerful absorption to prevent leakage
  • Anti-leak leg gathers - Protects against leaks from the sides
  • Soft & stretchable - Easy to put on and remove
  • Superior breathability - Allows your skin to breathe and reduce cause of rash
  • Japan antibac Technology - Reduces bacteria accumulation to keep skin healthy
Size Guide
  • Medium -  60 - 85cm
  • Large -  75 - 100cm
  • Extra Large -  90 - 125cm


  • Put your legs through the leg cuffs while sitting. 
  • Stand up and pull the pants to the waist level.
  • Adjust the pants accordingly to fit your body.
  • Tear the seams at the side to take off the pants.

Pulp, Nonwoven fabric, Polymer, Hot melt adhesive, Paper tissue, Polymerethylene film, Polyurethane

Cautionary Instructions
Please change to new pants when soiled. If skin irritation or diaper rash occurs, please stop using the product.


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