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    Taking Blood Pressure


    1. Empty your bladder before measuring your blood pressure (BP).
    2. Sit still for five minutes before measuring your BP. 
    3. When taking your BP, make sure you:
      • Choose the correct cuff size
      • Place the cuff on the non-dominant arm (e.g. measure on the left arm if you are right-handed)
      • Check that the tube of the cuff runs down the centre of your arm, in line with the middle finger
      • Keep your cuffed arm on a flat surface and place it at heart level
      • Sit upright, with you back straight and feet flat on the floor
    4. Take two or three readings each time
      • Space the readings one minute apart and get the average of the readings
      • If your readings remain unusually high, see the doctor
    5. It is recommended to take your BP at the same time each day as your BP changes throughout the day.  Ideally, you should take the readings two times a day - once in the morning before any medicine or food, and another in the evening.


    1. 30 minutes before tking your BP, do not smoke, drink caffeinated drinksor exercise.
    2. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes.
    3. While taking BP, do not talk or cross your legs.

    Updated Aug 2023

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