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    Toothache is pain that is felt in or around the tooth. This happens when the nerve root of the tooth is irritated by tooth infection, decay or injury.  

    A toothache that is always present is usually caused by a decayed tooth or cavity. It can worsen when you drink hot or cold drinks.  

    A toothache that throbs is usually caused by an infection.  This may be accompanied by swelling at the painful area, bad breath and sometimes fever.  

    You can relieve the pain by using some painkillers but this will only help for a short period of time.  You should make an appointment with your dentist to find out the actual cause of the toothache.  

    Oral painkillers can be used to relieve pain while waiting for your appointment with your dentist.  You can try to apply ice to the cheek area to reduce swelling and pain. Wrap the ice in a wet towel before use. Do not apply ice directly to the skin as this may cause ice burns. 

    Maintain good dental hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and visiting a dentist at least 2 times a year.  

    Updated in Nov 2018 

    This article does not take the place of talking to your doctor or pharmacist. People with special health needs such as babies, children below 12 year old, elderly and pregnant ladies should see a doctor instead of self-treatment. Always read the instructions and warnings on the package before taking any medicine.

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