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    Vantelin Knee Support XL

    brand: Vantelin
    • U-shape taping structure supports the kneecap to reduce stress to the patellar tendon when extending the knee
    • Breathable front and back mesh panels provide ventilation and reduce bunching behind the knee
    • Seamless top and bottom cuffs prevent slipping of the support and stabilize the U-shaped taping structure
    • Size guide - measure around knee. If two sizes apply, choose the larger size.
       S : 12 - 13 inch / 31-34 cm
       M : 13 -14.5 inch /34-37cm
       L  : 14.5 -16 inch /37-40cm
       XL : 16- 17 inch /40-43 cm
    SKU: 0057-22-043-R
    Usual price: $22.10
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    Slide leg into the knee support with the bottom of "V "pointing down. Position the U shaped taping structure below  and on either side of the knee. Smooth the brace so there is no bunching when you bend knee. Always wear the support directly on skin. If support is not positioned correctly, it may not function as intended.

    Cautionary Instructions
    Do not use if you have:  A sprain, facture or ligament injury. Peripheral vascular disorder. Abnormality such as injury, blotchiness, rash at site where support is to be worn or chronic dermatitis /allergy to chemical textile or rubber. If you experience any of these ,stop using immediately and consult your health care professional. Use as directed. Use correct size. Do not use when sleeping.

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