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    Walking sticks, canes and crutches

    Walking sticks, canes and crutches

    Walking Sticks

    When is a walking stick needed? 

    • Walking sticks provide you with better balance and stability and is suitable for users who need some support while walking 

    What should you look out for when choosing walking sticks? 

    • Can be folded 
    • The rubber feet of the cane should not wear out easily. A good rubber tips should not be slippery or lose its shape easily  


    The height of the walking aid should be the same height as your hip.  

    Adjustable Walking Stick Foldable Walking Stick Umbrella Walking Stick with Label 

    Quad Cane 

    When is a quad cane needed?

    • quad cane helps those who feel that using the ordinary walking stick does not provide enough stability. A walking stick may not be stable enough for the elderly or in people who have weakness in their legs. 

    How to use it?  

    • The height of the walking aid should be the same height as your hip. 
    • Hold the cane with your stronger hand. If only one leg is weak, hold the cane in the hand opposite of the weak leg. Move the quad cane and the weak leg forward at the same time. Make sure all four legs of the cane touch the floor firmly. Gently press down into the handle of the cane and move your other leg in front.   


    • There are two kinds of quad canes – wide or narrow base cane to a narrow base one.  
    • The narrow base quad stick can fit most staircase steps and can be used for climbing up or down the stairs. 
    • The wider base quad stick gives more stability for users who need more support while walking.  
    • The flat base of the base should face the user.  


     Quad Cane Wide Base Quad Cane Narrow Base 


    Walking Frames

    When is a walking frame needed? 

    walking frame is suitable for users who do not get enough support from walking sticks as it provides more stability.  

    Types of walking frame

    • Foldable and non-foldable types are available 
      • The non-foldable types provide more strength and stability while the foldable walker is more convenient to bring around  
    • Reciprocal walking frame  Only one side of the walking frame is moved at one time, instead of the whole frame. This may be suitable for users who find it difficult to lift a normal walking frame while walking 

    Adjusting the height of the frame 

    • Make sure that all four legs are locked properly and adjusted to the same height. 
    • The height of the frame should be adjusted to a height that allows the user to bend their elbow slightly (around 30 degrees) when they are holding on to the hand grip. 

     Foldable Walking Frame Reciprocal Walking Frame 


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