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    Absorba Afina Plus Pants Large 9s x 8

    brand: Absorba
    Quality incontinent pull up pants that provides multi-functional features and high absorbency performance. Absorba Afina PLUS Pull Up Pants are for moderate to heavy usage. L Size- 80-150cm
    SKU: 0859-01-020-R
    Usual price: $100.00
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    Absorba Afina PLUS Pull Up Pants features:

    • Dual Leak Barriers guard the lateral section of the pants to provide a hydrophobic barrier.
    • Dual Leg Cuffs add an extra hydrophobic layer of protection for a secure fit.
    • Designed with Higher Waterproof Standing Elastic Leak Guards that prevents leakage and a better containment to allow free and active movements with no fear.
    • Our "Magic Layer" Ultra Dry Top Layer is tested to allow fast absorption at lightning speed, locking away moisture from the skin, keeping you clean and dry at all times for your maximum comfort.
    • Wetness Indicator function is added for a more convenient signal, letting you know if it is time for a change at a quick glance.
    • 360 Degrees Air Waistband features comfortable and breathable material for circulation of Air.
    • Specially included Breathable Backsheet for the aeration of skin and reducing humidity and heat.
    • Fragrance and Chlorine Free. Hypoallergenic that is gentler to the skin for better skin health.
    • Added with Aloe Vera to moisturise and act as a protective layer for the skin.
    • Odor Control.

    HIP SIZE60-120cm80-150cm100-160cm

    Direction of Use
    How to wear adult pants? Position the adult pants with the blue elastic in front, to your waist level. How to remove an adult pants? Remove the adult pants by pulling it down if it contains only urine. Alternatively, you may also tear both sides of the adult pants and pull it out from the groin folds. If the adult pants contains faeces, gently remove the adult pants by holding the bottom. Then, tear both sides of the diaper and pull it out from groin folds.

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