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    Beurer EM49 TENS/EMS Digital Device

    brand: Beurer
    Beurer EM49 is 3-in-1 EMS / TENS device - pain therapy, muscle stimulation & massage. The digital device comes with 4 self-adhesive gel electrodes, has 64 pre-programmed applications and 6 customisable programs that allow you to adjust the frequency, pulse width and on/off time.
    SKU: 0061-02-111-R
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    · This is a medical device and has been registered with HSA.
    · TENS technology - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for pain relief without medication or side effects.
    · EMS technology - Electrical muscle stimulation for muscle training and regeneration.
    · Pulse shape - Biphasic rectangular pulses.
    · Safe application - Integrated safety switch-off.

    · Insert the batteries in place properly and carefully
    · Look for a suitable program from the program table (refer to product manual)
    · Place the electrodes on the desired area for treatment (refer to product manual)
    · Press the ON/OFF button to switch on the deivice
    · Press the MENU button to navigate through the TENS / EMS / MASSAGE menus and press the ENTER button to confirm your selection
    · Use ʌ/v setting buttons to select the program umber you want and the press the ENTER to confirm your selection. At the start of the stimulation treatment, the impulse intensity of Ch1 and Ch2 is set to 00 by default. No impulses are sent to the electrodes yet.
    · Use the left and right ʌ/v setting buttons for Ch1 and Ch2 to select the impulse intensity you want. The indicator for impulse intensity in the display changes accordingly. if the program is in a pause phase, the intensity canot be increased.
    · Read the product manual for other important information before using the device.

    Cautionary Instructions
    · The device is not a substitute for medical consultation and treatment.
    · Consult your doctor first if you are experiencing any pain or are suffering from an illness.
    · Refer to product manual for other cautionary information.

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