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    Flo Sinus Care Refill Pack 50s

    brand: Flo
    Non-medicated preservative-free isotonic irrigation solution for flushing nasal pasages and sinus cavities
    SKU: 0051-06-026-R
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    1) Relieve blocked nose and nasal congestion during colds flu and sinusitis
    2) Reduce severity of allergic nose symptoms by flushing away pollutants, dust and inflammatory irritants
    3) Clear mucus, scabs, blood clots, dried blood - to prevent infection nose post-operation
    4) Thin mucus and flush away mucus to relieve nasal stuffiness, sinus congestion and facial pain in CPAP users and relief of post-nasal drip
    5) Helps clear mucus - to improve effectiveness of medicated nasal sprays
    6) Safe for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding
    7) Natural and gentle to use ; no stinging sensation or burning effect - gentle yet effective on delicate nasal tissue

    Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, glucose anhydrous,calcium lactate pentahydrate.

    1) Add 200ml lukewarm water into flo applicator plastic bottle
    2) Add 1 sachet refill powder to solution
    3) Close bottle & shake till powder dissolves
    4) Lean over basin & insert nozzle into nostril & gently squeeze until solution drains out from other nostril
    5) Continue until half of solution used
    6) Repeat with the other nostril with remaining solution

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    Flo applicator bottle specially designed to deliver high volume of solution at low pressure. The rinse solution - a non-medicated, preservative-free isotonic irrigation solution, resembles the body's fluids. It results in an effective way to irrigate the nose and sinus cavities by decongesting the nasal passages & removing impurities & irritants. Flo Sinus Care is able to reach the lower sections of the nasal cavities - ensuring thorough cleansing for relief of symtoms of sinusitis and decongested noses.