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    Gracious Goodness Freeze Dried Mango 25g

    Crispy and sweet freeze dried mango – a great option for folks on the go or sweet treats for the kids.Freeze-dried mangos have all their nutrients locked in, retaining almost 99% of its shape, size and taste. Packed in a resealable bag, for a handy snack pack on-the-go
    SKU: 0070-07-080-R
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    Sourced from non-GMO farms in Thailand.

    - 100% fruit
    - Crispy & crunchy
    - All natural
    - Vegan friendly
    - Gluten free
    - No preservatives

    100% Mango

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    • These tangy fruits supply a unique source of A-type proanthocyanidins (PAC), a type of antioxidants that helps to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections by preventing the infection-causing bacteria from attaching to the cells that line the urinary tract. These same compounds may also prevent the development of gastric ulcers.

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    Eu Yan Sang Goji Essence Boost has an added boost of Goji Berries with quality amount of Vitamin C, perfect for individuals who care about Eyes, Skin and Immune Health (the use of Goji Berries dates back more than 2,000 years as a functional food because of their health benefits).
    • Goji berries S are often called a superfood because they contain high content of chemical compounds called phytochemicals that are produced naturally. 
    • These phytochemicals include beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.
    • Beta-carotene is responsible for the orange-red colour pigment in goji berries.  Beta-carotene is good for eye health, skin health, and cell development. 
    • The amount of beta-carotene in goji berries is among the highest of all fruits.
    • Zeaxanthin is a potent antioxidant, best known for protecting eye health and supporting the immune system.
    • It helps to protect our eyes from harmful free radicals and filter harmful blue light.
    • Suitable for all ages.