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    Picture of Pediakid 22 Vitamins & Minerals 125ml

    Pediakid 22 Vitamins & Minerals 125ml

    • Source of Vitamin D, Copper, Iodine
    • Orange-apricot flavour
    Picture of Pediakid Appetite Booster 125ml

    Pediakid Appetite Booster 125ml

    • Extracts of Fenugreek and Turmeric known to assist in stimulating appetite
    • Source of vitamins C and B12 which help to reduce fatigue 
    Picture of Pediakid Immune 125ml

    Pediakid Immune 125ml

    • Extracts of Echinacea, Ginseng and Wild Rose berries are known to contribute to the body's natural defenses
    • Source of copper and vitamin C that are known to assist in the body's immune function
    Picture of Pediakid Iron + Vitamin B 125ml

    Pediakid Iron + Vitamin B 125ml

    • Dietary supplement with extracts of carrot, spirulina, Jerusalem artichoke, spinach, dock; iron, vitamins B1-B2-B3- B5-B6-B8-B9 and B12.
    • Iron helps to transport oxygen to the cells, reduces fatigue, and contributes to the metabolism of energy.
    • PEDIAKID® Iron & Vitamins B optimises iron intake to fight fatigue.
    • Formulated with micro-encapsulated iron (5 times more bioavailable than traditional forms of iron) - optimises intake with no unpleasant taste or odour. 
    • With vitamin B2- helps with iron metabolism to improve its use by the body.
    • Deliciously flavoured with natural banana concentrate.
    Picture of Pediakid Nose & Throat 125ml

    Pediakid Nose & Throat 125ml

    • Dietary supplement with extracts of thyme, primrose, mallow, black elderberry, linden, acerola, ginger; propolis, vitamin C, zinc, and copper.
    • PEDIAKID® Nose & Throat combines effective natural ingredients that soothe and clear the airways (nose, throat, bronchi, etc.) at the first signs of illness. Thyme, primrose, and linden soothe the throat.  Mallow, black elderberry, and ginger improve respiratory comfort.
    • Vitamin C and copper help the immune system to function properly.
    • Deliciously flavoured with honey and natural lemon concentrate.
    Picture of Pediakid Omega 3 125ml

    Pediakid Omega 3 125ml

    • Source of Vitamin D & Omega 3 fatty acid rich in the DHA known to assist in maintaining a good cognitive function (memory, concentration)