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    Picture of Avanos Corflo NG Feeding Tube FR12
    Picture of Corflo NG/NI Feeding Tube With Anti-Iv Connector 10FR
    Picture of Corflo Ultra Tubing 10FR

    Corflo Ultra Tubing 10FR

    • Size 10FR - length : 36" (91cm)
    • Size 12FR - length : 36" (91cm)
    • Corflo Anti-IV prevents inadvertent feeding into an IV line. Compatible only with oral tip syringes.
    • Centimetre marks along the lenght of the tube aids in placement and to check migration.
    • Corflo polyurethane feeding tubes are colour-coded to correspond to varying lengths
    • Stylet lengths are matched to the Corflo feeding tubes.

    Convenience and comfort:

    • Flow-through stylets to flush and aspirate during the insertion procedure.
    • C19(TM) water activated lubricant on all feeding tubes for greater patient comfort during insertion and effortless stylet removal.
    • 100% radiopaque for X-ray confirmation.
    • weighted tubes use multiple tungsten weights allowing for flexibility and greater comfort during insertion.
    • "Y" ports on all Corflo polyurethane feeding tubes minimise touch contamination and make flushing easy


    Picture of Kangaroo Feeding Tube FR12

    Kangaroo Feeding Tube FR12

    • Dual port with radiopaque line, non-weighted
    • 14FR/CH (4.7mm) x 36" (91cm)
    Picture of Kangaroo Feeding Tube FR14

    Kangaroo Feeding Tube FR14

    • Dual port with radiopaque line, non-weighted
    • 14FR/CH (4.7mm) x 36" (91cm)