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    Workplace safety and health

    Workplace safety and health

    Employers play an important role in creating a safe and healthy workplace. In Singapore, as stated in the Workplace Safety and Health Act (First Aid) Regulations, employers are required to keep first aid boxes at the workplace. This makes sure that affected staff can be given immediate first aid treatment to relieve their pain and prevent further injury or discomfort.

    Number of first aid boxes 

    The number and type of first aid boxes depends on the number of employees and the physical layout of the workplace.

    Ratio of employees to first aid boxes 

    Number of employees Number and type of first aid boxes 
    For every 25 employees or lessat least one Box A
    For every 50 employees or lessat least one Box B
    For every 100 employees or lessat least one Box C


    First Aid Box                 Price (including GST) 
    Box A     $86.80 
    Box B $116.60
    Box C $153.10


    Accessibility of first aid boxes 

    There should be at least one first aid box on each level, placed in a prominent and accessible location.

    A list of all the first aid boxes locations should be placed next to all first aid boxes. Should the employee need more of a certain item, he can then easily and quickly find the next nearest first aid box.

    It is important that an appointed staff schedules regular checks of the first aid boxes to make sure they are properly equipped where all items are usable and not expired.

    Contents of first aid boxes 

    Your first aid box should contain a set of items that can be used as quick treatment under medical emergencies. Every first aid box in the workplace is recommended to contain:

    • sterile adhesive dressings (woven, non-woven or transparent)
    • crepe bandage (5cm and 10cm)
    • absorbent gauze
    • triangular bandages
    • safety pins
    • medical scissors
    • disposable sterile latex gloves
    • sterile eye shield
    • sterile eye pad
    • resuscitation mask (with one-way valve)
    • sterile water or saline
    • surgical hypoallergenic tape
    • torch light.

     You can obtain first aid boxes at NHG pharmacies. 

    Our pharmacists can help you select the appropriate first aid supplies for your workplace. If you would like any assistance, please contact us at 6355 3000 or send an email to

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