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    Picture of Abound Powder 30 x 24g

    Abound Powder 30 x 24g

    • A specialised nutrition to support wound healing for patients with diabetic foot ulcer, pressure injury, surgical incisions, burns, radiotherapy-induced injuries, and other acute or chronic wounds.
    • To be used under medical supervision.
    • Lactose-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians.
    • Orange-flavoured.
    • Formulated with a unique blend of ingredients:
      • HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate): a naturally occurring metabolite of leucine (essential amino acid)
      • Arginine: an amino acid that promotes nutrient rich blood flow and is a building block for proteins, which can contribute to wound healing
      • Glutamine: a conditionally essential amino acid.  Conditionally-essential amino acids, arginine and glutamine, are from protein. Protein supports building and maintenance of body tissues.

    Picture of Arginaid Arginine Powder 128g 14s

    Arginaid Arginine Powder 128g 14s

    • Arginaid® arginine-based powder supports wound management from inside out and is a fat-free nutritional supplement.
    • Supports the unique nutritional needs of people with chronic wounds (e.g pressure injury).
    • Taking 2 serves of Arginaid® daily, until wound was completely healed, showed a 2-fold faster healing of pressure ulcers in well-nourished patients
    • Per serving of 9.2g sachet provides: 30kcal energy, 4.5g protein (as amino acid L-arginine – a key building block of protein), 60mg Vitamin E, 156mg Vitamin C and 5g Carbohydrate
    • Suitable for oral or tube feed use and provides 0.11 kcal/mL
    • Orange flavoured (natural and artificial flavour)
    • Each box contains 14 packets x 9.2g of Arginaid®

    *based on a clinical study

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