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    Xepacort Cream 15g

    brand: Xepa
    Quick relief for itch, inflammation and irritation.
    SKU: 0005-84-054-H
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    Quick relief for itch, inflammation and irritation due to:
    - Mild to moderate eczema
    - Diaper rash (under doctor's prescription/ supervision)
    - Insect bites/ stings
    - Detergents/ bleaches/ soaps
    - Jewellery/ cosmetics allergies

    Non-greasy Colourant free Fragrance free

    Hydrocortisone 1% w/w
    Chlorocresol 0.12% w/w as perservative
    Excipients: cetomacrogol, white soft paraffin, purified water, liquid paraffin and cetostearyl alcohol

    Apply sparingly, a thin film over the affected area two to four times daily. Reduce the frequenct of application gradually as improvement occurs and eventually discontinue. For external use only.

    Cautionary Instructions
    Avoid prolonged use or over large areas of the body particularly in areas where the skin is thinner or with occlusive dressing present. Unless under medical supervision, do not use on the facial eye and ano-genital region. Do not use on broken or infected skin including cold sores, acne and atheletes foot. Avoid prolonged use in children and infants. Use with caurion in pregnant women. If the condition is not improved, seek medical advice.

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