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    Picture of Freestyle Libre Sensor

    Freestyle Libre Sensor

    • The Freestyle Libre Sensor is painless to apply, easy to use (for up to 14 days) and water resistant (up to 1 metre of water. Do not immerse longer than 30 minutes)
    • Small and discreet, it automatically measures and continuously stores glucose readings day and night.
    • To obtain a glucose reading, simply perform a quick, painless 1-second scan of the FreeStyle Libre reader< over the FreeStyle Libre sensor.
    • Sensor life: up to 14 days
    • Sensor size: 5 mm height and 35 mm diameter
    • Sensor power source: 1 silver oxide battery
    • Sensor memory: 8 hours (glucose readings stored every 15 minutes)
    • Sensor operating temperature: 10°C to 45°C
    • Sensor applicator and sensor pack storage temperature: 4°C to 25°C