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  1. For assistance, please call 6235 6190 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 4.30pm) or 6340 2300 or email to feedback@pharmacy.nhg.com.sg. We reserve the right to reject any order intend for resale or wholesale purpose. When we have doubt about your order, we will call or notify you through email. 
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    Diben Vanilla/Cappuccino 200ml (24 for $73.20), Ensure Plus Liquid Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry/Raspberry 200ml (27 for $66.15), Fresubin 2Kcal Vanilla/Cappuccino 200ml (24 for $72), Nepro HP Liquid 220ml (30 for $136.50)

     Please keep the original receipt for exchange or refund within 7 days. Medicine, nutritional feeds and hygiene-sensitive products sold are strictly non-returnable. Terms and conditions apply. 
Medicines (Jul 14)  Covid-19 Essentials  Health Supplements (Nov 2021)    Ginflex, Tebonin  Nutritional (Jun 2021) 
Glucerna Liquid, Ensure, Fresubin,Diben, Nutren DiabetesNepro, Resource, Propass, Pulmocare 


 Antigen Rapid Self-Test Kit (Covid-19)
Accu-Chek blood sugar meters, test strips
Contour Plus test strips  
 Wound Care

Home Care (Nov 21)
Certainty diapers, Tena diapersLifree pants 
Support and Footcare Dec 21

Personal Care (Dec 21)
 Drypers Diapers, Zappy Wipes, Pigeon,
Good Virtues Co, TDF 
  Oral Care Dec 21 
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